Hoping She Was Just Plain Dumb

february 22, 2005

There are now speculations by all the conspiracy theorists that Paris Hilton let her phonebook, photos, todo, and notes get released onto the web in order to recapture her fading lime light. Interesting theory, but there is a more plausible one that is being explored by T-Mobile and the FBI: Maybe the girl is just as dumb as she looks and she just gave her password away to someone. Maybe a social engineer was able to get it from her by impersonating a T-Mobile rep? Maybe her password was simple to guess (username: Paris, password: Hilton)? Maybe she wrote it down on a piece of paper and someone found it? The more that people look into this, the more that it looks like it was not an instance of Danger's servers being hacked -- the distributed addressbook was not raw data, but a HTML save of the page. The same can be said about the other distributed information from Hilton's Sidekick. So the information definitely came from the Desktop Interface (web interface for Sidekick data). T-Mobile will not release much information because of "privacy" concerns, but I hope they will release a statement when the case is closed on what actually happened. Here's to hoping that Paris Hilton is as dumb as she looks.

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