PSP Time

april 15, 2005

Over the weekend I found a piece of dust under my PSPs screen protector. And being the picky guy I am, I tried to get the piece of dust out from under there. What eventually happened was that I got my screen protector all dirty with multiple pieces of dust caught in the sticky film. So, I had to remove it and store my PSP for a few days as I got a screen protector for it -- wouldn't want to put scratches on my screen while it is naked! On Monday morning, I tried a Fry's and they didn't have it. Monday night, I tried a different Fry's and a Best Buy, nope nothing. Looking on Fry's Outpost showed that the online store had them in stock. So, I ordered on Monday night with two day shipping (only 20 cents more than ground 3 to 5 day shipping). When I woke on Tuesday I checked the order online and found that the order was not processed because I had punched in my credit card number wrong! Should not the Fry's Outpost online checkout validate a credit card number before sending out confirmation notices and stuff? Seems kind of backwards to me. Anyways, I reordered online and cancelled previous order. The order arrived yesterday afternoon and I had a screen protector on my PSP last night and was happily playing Need for Speed Rivals and Lumines.

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