april 17, 2005

My friend got a new notebook and gave me her old VAIO PCG-SRX7S/PB. It's a Japanese model notebook (complete with the keyboard with all the Kanji characters -- for touch typists only, since the mapping for the keys is different from a standard American keyboard) that is tiny (smaller than my wife's TR2A). It's not a screaming demon (it's only a Pentium 3M running at 900Mhz), but it is pretty nice. I rebuilt it from scratch with Windows XP Professional. I took out the original 40GB drive and swapped in a 80GB drive. Went and got a power supply for it (she did not have one or lost it or something). I ordered 256MB more RAM from so that I can bring the RAM up to the limit of 512MB. I have moved all my documents over from my iBook, including my music collection. I think the SRX7S will be fast enough for me to consider it an "upgrade". The iBook will not be decommissioned, but it will be a secondary machine for now -- it was really showing its age and was a bit slow. I guess the SRX7S will be a stop-gap machine for me, I really want a 15" Powerbook, but I can wait for now. The SRX7S gets about 3.5 hours on a charge (which is nice) and weighs in at a light 2.78lbs. It is a pretty small machine and the only drawback is the keyboard, since next to the Kanji thing, the keys are much smaller and tightly packed than a standard keyboard.

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