april 18, 2005

I have got to stop watching the previews for next week's episode of 24, but it is so hard to do it. Spoilers Ahead. It is great that the producers are slowly letting previous characters back into the show. The first surprise was Tony. Then came Michelle. And Mike (the Presidential advisor) showed up last week. But, next week one of my favourite characters (next to Jack Bauer) returns! The former President David Palmer returns! Now that was a surprise that I could have waited for, but now that I know that it's coming, I can only guess how long the character will stay. I really liked Palmer, the character was a good character. Palmer's President is something that the real President should learn a thing or two from. Yea, I know it's only TV, but Palmer is a well-written and well-conceived President with all the American ideal qualities in him. I look forward to how this season of 24 will end, and when it does, I will be a little sad because it is over. This fourth season the producers, writers, crew and cast have found their groove again. This season captures the excitement and thrill of the pilot season and I give kudos to everyone involved in returning 24 back to must-see status.

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