SolaraGuy Moves

april 23, 2005

For the a while I hosted SolaraGuy was hosted on my server, but the net connection was too slow for any serious growth. So, I moved the forums over to Aussie Hosts which was fast and helped the forums grow tremendously -- maybe a bit too fast since over the last three months I have been hit with $130 of overage charges from Aussie Hosts. The plan I have over at Aussie Hosts is the top plan that allows for 10GB of transfer per month -- we were hitting 15GB to 20GB of transfers a month! So, off we (a bunch of SolaraGuys and SolaraGals) went to find a better hosting company that would allow for more transfer. We found a few and then settled on Powweb which offers 5GB of transfer per day for a low price of $7.77 a month. But, we got a bunch of donations and bought a 2-year plan for $180. Along with the 2-year plan, Powweb threw in 14 more months of service (bringing it up to 3 years and 2 months) and a free domainname ( for two-years! Not a bad deal at all. It took me a bunch of hours last night to get SolaraGuy moved over, but now it seems to be working fine.

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