Sidekick II Going Away

may 6, 2005

Lately I have found that, as cool as it is, I was not use my Sidekick II as much as I should -- or as much as I should to make up for the $20/mo data premium that I am paying for it. So, today I called up T-Mobile and asked them to turn off the Sidekick data plan (which as of right now seems to still be on my account, but not on for my Sidekick). I picked up a normal old Motorola C650 and am going to live mobile phone "lite" again. The Sidekick II is definitely a cool device to have, but I really can't justify the cost -- and the feeling of carrying a plastic brick on my hip everyday was getting a bit annoying. I will miss the thing, but it'll have to go -- on Ebay that is, look for an auction soon!

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