3 Fast, 3 Furious

june 13, 2005

To be filed in the "Uh, do you really, really, need to be making another sequel in this franchise" bin: It looks like there will be a third installment to the The Fast and The Furious franchise (I can call it a franchise now that they are doing a third movie). It will follow an all new character (sorry to all the ladies who love Paul Walker) and be set in Tokyo. It will be directed by Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow) and written by Chris Morgan (Cellular). The last installment in the series was pretty bad. The original was plain fun, and though stupid in most respects, fun enough to be lovable. I hope that since they are venturing to make the third one that they put a little more work into this one to make it better than 2 Silly, 2 Stupid.

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