Windows XP? No Thanks

june 16, 2005

This is an interesting article on how companies are not upgrading their machines from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. It looks like companies are getting a bit smarter about how they spend their software money, since their licenses for Windows 2000 are already paid for and Windows XP is just a "bulked up version of Windows 2000", companies are finding it hard to spend the money to move over to XP. "[Windows XP] is an SUV versus a minivan. They both can get you there. It's the same type of vehicle. You still understand how to drive it." Apparently, "Windows 2000 is, in some ways, also a victim of its own success." I guess with Windows 2000, Microsoft really did hit the sweet spot for an OS. Then they released XP with its uncorporate kiddie interface, security holes, and shakey stability. And with Longhorn on the horizon, I doubt that many companies will upgrade to XP -- or even upgrade to Longhorn, which will be a bigger change than from 2000 to XP. Microsoft has definitely got a problem on their hands.

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