Bluetooth and Stuff

june 20, 2005

You never know how good something is until you move away from it for a while. I recently got an old SonyEricsson T68i off Ebay and have been using it a lot over my new Motorola C650. I really love the Bluetooth functionality of the phone, but while I was trying to use it stricting with my Windows XP VAIO, I could not do anything. The Bluetooth on the VAIO didn't work and trying to get my BT dongle to work was cumbersome with the drivers I needed to round up. And, even if I did get it to work, I would have nothng to sync the phone with (I won't spend the $100 odd dollars to get Microsoft Outlook). After fooling around trying to get Bluetooth working with my VAIO for a while, I gave up. I stuck the Bluetooth dongle into my iBook and it came up without any fuss. I paired the phone with the iBook with the assistant, which then helped me setup iSync. With iSync I was able to push one button and have my AddressBook and my iCal information synchronized over to the phone. No problems, no headaches. It works even better with my new PowerBook G4 since Bluetooth is built into the machine, no more need for the dongle. I applaud Apple for doing what they do best: Making computing easy. iCal, AddressBook and iSync are all free (part of Mac OS X). They all Just Work. And in the end, I am a happy Mac OS X user because of that.

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