Schwarzenegger Visits Yahoo!

july 11, 2005

I don't care much about Arnie's politics, but I do like his movies. I was looking forward to seeing him speak today at Yahoo! My co-worker Joe and I headed over to URLs (the large cafeteria at Yahoo!) at 2:40pm for the 3:00pm speech. We encountered a large crowd of union protestors on the way over. The campus was also swarming with Sunnyvale PD and CHP. When we arrived there were two very long lines. We waited in line for about five minutes and then the doors closed because the auditorium was filled. That's too bad. Now, I am watching it on the Backyard (our intranet). Not quite the same, but still better than nothing. Update: Jeremy has a post with notes on what was said during the speech. The beginning of the speech was positive with the governor talking about his life and how he got started. But, after about 15 minutes, it turned into the standard governator speech that I have seen on the news a gazillion times. The Arnie charm did return at the end with Terry Semel asked him questions (a few selected from emails and one that Semel asked himself). When asked what his favorite movies were, Arnie responded the Terminator movies and True Lies.

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