Yahoo! Acquires Konfabulator

july 25, 2005

Looks like Yahoo! has picked up Konfabulator and will be giving it out for free! That is great news. But, what caught my eye in the article wasn't the news about Yahoo! acquiring Konfabulator. It was this: "The acquisition of Konfabulator may not be the last Mac compatible product users see from Yahoo! While Schneider wasn’t specific, he did say that there was interest in the Mac. 'There is a move at Yahoo! -- in addition to Konfabulator -- to move more onto the Mac,' said Schneider. 'We want to make sure we find a way to be more cross platform.'" That is great news for us Mac users since up until now Yahoo! has been ignoring the Mac community for the most part. Yes, there are two Widgets for Dashboard from Yahoo! (My Yahoo! and Yahoo! Local Traffic), but other than that there is not much else. The Yahoo! Instant Messenger for Mac is going on two years without an update. I do hope that Yahoo! finds it in their hearts to update Yahoo! Instant Messenger for Mac to have some of the features that the Windows version has (Launch Radio, Avatars, 360 support, etc). This is great news that Yahoo! has picked up Konfabulator and has a bigger interest in the Mac community!

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