Xbox 360 HD-DVD

july 29, 2005

Looks like the Xbox will go HD-DVD...well, almost: The initial release of Xbox 360s will only have a standard DVD drive installed! Only when HD-DVD drives are ready will Xbox 360s get produced with them. Those who bought the initial non-HD-DVD versions? I don't know, but I bet they are out of luck. I think this is a bad thing for Microsoft. I know I will wait for the HD-DVD version to come out before getting an Xbox 360. And I know there will be a lot more people out there who will now wait also. Why wait in line to drop a few hundred dollars on a console that will be obsolete in a few months? Microsoft is really shooting itself in the foot with this move. Instead of postponing the launch of the Xbox 360, they are going to pull this? This is a worse move than postponing the launch. I can understand how Microsoft wants to get out of the gates (no pun intended) first in the new race to win the hearts and minds of gamers, but this is completely the wrong way to do it. And, history has shown that getting your box out first does not always gaurantee a win (remember the Sega Dreamcast?). This HD-DVD move will definitely hurt the launch of the Xbox 360. One last thought, since the Sony PS3 launches early 2006 (Spring, I believe), this must mean that the HD-DVD version of the Xbox 360 will not be ready until after that since Microsoft is not postponing the launch of the Xbox 360. If people wait for the HD-DVD version of the Xbox 360 and the PS3 comes out before it, Microsoft will be relegated to number two again.

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