Down Then Up

august 9, 2005

I took the ultramookie box down for a few hours (like 9pm to midnight) to get the main harddrive swapped out. It started to give me read errors and sector seek errors last night. I dropped by Fry's this morning and got a Hitachi 7K250 160GB PATA drive to replace the Maxtor 160GB that was in the system. I think I got all the basics working now (web, mail, etc). I just have to go through the system and get the small things working (I almost forgot to copy the old aliases file, I almost forgot to get ddclient setup again...) Let me know if you see anything weird with the site (probably won't). I'll be working on the machine to get it back to normal -- I did take this chance to install Fedora Core 4 (I was still running FC3 on the old drive). Update: I am going to bed now. It's almost 2am. I have updated all packages. I will write more about the Hitachi drive and FC4 install later on today.

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