Bad Google, Bad Part II

august 10, 2005

Looks like the San Jose Mercury News (the newspaper of the Silicon Valley where Google is located) has picked up on the googlefit (c) of 2005. Langberg has a good point in the article, "Google users don't live in a vacuum. They are also readers of and the Mercury News and many other media outlets that might now feel a sudden chill in reporting aggressively on what Google is doing. The interests of users, in other words, are not being served by cutting off News .com and then refusing to discuss the matter." And asks something simple of Google: "Google needs to move quickly to keep its reputation spotless. The company should either drop the embargo, or explain to the world why it's taken such a ugly step." The other local paper, the San Francisco Chronicle also picked up on the the story twice: here and here. And the blogosphere is still chatting about it. Google's gotta come out and explain, because if they don't people will continue to talk about it and this will be a PR nightmare.

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