Fry's and the Empty Game Box

august 13, 2005

Yesterday, after work I stopped by the Sunnyvale Fry's to pick up the Japanese version of Puzzle Bobble Pocket for my wife -- she had been eyeing that game for a little bit since she is getting tired of her Ape Escape game. Anyways, I picked up the game, headed home, and wrapped it. Later that evening my wife was all excited and opened up the package only to find: The box was fricking empty! There was an instruction manual, but no UMD disc! What a disappointment! So, this morning after I got my eyes examined by my wife (annual check up), I headed back to the Sunnyvale Fry's. The guy helped me get another package, which we opened to check that there was a UMD disc, and I was off. I am glad that Fry's replaced the disc without any fuss, but it was still rather annoying to buy an empty box!

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