september 2, 2005

Not that the world needs another search engine, so...I won't create one. But, I was intrigued by the Yahoo! Developer Site and tried to create a search page based on the APIs provided. I came up with the ultra-lite It was pretty easy to put together after I figured out the errors in the example code. There were missing single quotes on things and also the array population was incorrect ($reg[$name]=>$attr instead of the correct $reg["$name"]=>"$attr"). Also, I had to figure out that I didn't have any PHP XML stuff installed, so I installed that stuff. After that, it was a breeze to get it working and customized to my taste. Give it a spin. I don't expect anyone to use it a lot since it is just Yahoo! Search and people can just as easily go over there to search. Though, my version is very lite and has no ads. Anyways, if you're even curious about the open APIs that Yahoo! has put out, give their developer page a look. You might find something interesting to play with there. Next up, trying out the maps API.

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