I Got Burnout Legends

september 14, 2005

OK, Fry's was being lame, they advertised Burnout Legends for $38, but they won't be receiving any copies until tomorrow! The game came out yesterday! Oi! I thought Fry's was one of those places that were on the ball when it came to getting cool stuff. I guess not always. Anyways, being impulsive and itching to get a truly fun game for my PSP, I got a copy of Burnout Legends today at the Gamestop near my parent's place (was there fixing the DSL connection for my mom). The game is sitting in my Timbuk2 bag right now. I can't wait to get home from work and give it a spin. The reviews for it have been quite positive. I noticed the graphics are nice, but not PS2 or Xbox nice -- but hey, this is a handheld game. Plus, when compared with the graphics for the Nintendo DS version, the PSP version looks absolutely spectacular for a portable title.

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