The Moon Festival

september 18, 2005

My wife and I went to the Moon Festival (weird, the website's header title still reads "The Moon Festival 2003") today at Memorial Park in Cupertino. We stayed for about 15 or 20 minutes -- and then we took off. I know two things: 1) We'll not go to the Moon Festival next year and 2) we'll not go to Memorial Park anytime soon. The Moon Festival was pretty boring, with lots of booths for vendors and not much "festival". We picked up one of the programs for the festival and there were some stuff that was interesting, but most of it was not what we expected. Memorial Park, ugh, my stomache churns just thinking about it. The park itself looks beautiful. But, the lake (or is it a pond?) there is RANK and foul! The water is dark green (with what looks like algae growing in it) and the water had a terrible smell. There are ducks in there, and I truly feel sorry that they have to live with that smell. The smell turned my stomache inside out. Yeech. I would not wish that pond on my worst enemy! We also did some shopping across the street, but that also turn out badly because of an annoying Shane Co. employee trying to guard the parking lot. But, that is another story...

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