Rockstar: INXS

september 19, 2005

I really love the band INXS, I have all their CDs in my collection and have many of their songs memorized. I watched Rockstar: INXS every week and have even voted (online). I do think that the show is cool, bringing the band back into the limelight -- but, part of me also feels that the show has cheapened the band's image a little bit. Enough of that though. The season finale is tomorrow night and I am curious to who everything thinks will win the covetted lead singer spot with INXS (though no one will ever replace Michael Hutchence). Here are my thoughts about the final three contestants: JD is a strong singer with a great voice. He is cocky though and that makes me not like him that much. He seems a bit lazy also with his preparations (as seen by his attempts at working with INXS on an INXS song). His song Pretty Vegas is overrated. I do give him credit for his energy and singing voice. MiG is a strong singer also, but is weak when it comes to the competition. He is the typical "nice" guy . I can definitely see him fronting the band. And it would nice to have an Australian fill the lead singer spot. MiG definitely has a good chance of winning. Marty is who I think will actually win. He is a hard worker and his song Trees shows that he definitely has some song writing talent. Sometimes he screams a little too much and that makes him look like he's trying out for a different type of band. But, the creepy conductor has both the looks and talent for the band. I do think that he will win. Anyways, what are your thoughts if you have been keeping up with the show?

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