Treo 700 Running Windows Mobile 5.0

september 23, 2005

Welp, it is true. The new Treo 700 will be running Windows Mobile 5.0. Personally, I think that sucks. Windows Mobile (or Windows CE or whatever other moniker Microsoft has attached to that OS) is crap at best, and shit at worst. Yea, you can multitask with it, unlike Palm OS -- but there is still something not right about it, it doesn't feel right. Oh well, all the Windows desktop users should be jumping for joy that a new Treo will be running Windows instead of Palm OS. I love my Treo 600 with Palm OS, thank you very much -- Yea, I am old school, going back to the days of the 128kb Palm. I still love the simplicity of the Palm OS and how it reminds me of the Mac OS (at least Mac OS before Mac OS X). Maybe Linux still has a chance to make inroads with mobile devices, I can only hope. Symbian is nice, but my experiences with it (Ngage QD) have not been the best.

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