Unleash The Anger On Disrespectful Driver

september 23, 2005

Sometimes, people just plain suck. My wife's car was rear-ended the other day by a piece of shit 1980s Mercedes Benz. The woman driving the vehicle refused to exchange insurance information with my wife. She copped a bad attitude -- as if she wasn't at fault for rear-ending my wife. How the hell do you figure that you are not at fault when you rear-end someone? Our insurance agent gave us a call back today. She ran the plates through DMV and found out that the information (name and phone number) of the woman were correct and that there was a lien on that piece of shit. Our adjuster was having a hard time getting a hold of the woman, so we gave the woman who caused the accident a call. Immediately, she gave an attitude to my wife -- somehow, she figured that we were trying to defraud her! She told us that her insurance agent gave her an estimate that the damage would be $75. The body shop that we took the car to already gave us an estimate for $400+ for the repairs. She said that she was a doctor (doctor of what, I could give a rat's ass about because she did not act like any educated person I know) and that my wife was -- and this is where it gets good -- trying to cheat her because my wife saw that she was driving a Mercedes! WTF?!? I feel both anger and pity for this woman at the same time -- that she thinks so highly of herself to think that we would actually try to cheat her because we saw her driving a jalopy 1980s Mercedes. The poor woman has some sort of complex about herself and a serious chip on her shoulder. I pity her and her sad existence in this world. We did finally get the insurance agency and a claim number out of her. We contacted her insurance company afterwards and I am sure that we will be able to work things out through the insurance company. It is too bad the woman has made this experience such a sour one with her egotism and inflated self-image: If you are driving a 1980s Mercedes with a lien on it, you are not as affluent as you think you are woman. If you act like an idiot while dealing with an accident that you caused then you are showing just how uncivilized, crude and uncultured you are. A title of "doctor" really does not mean anything if you act in such an uncultured manner. I don't get this angry very often, but this woman really set me off and that's why I am posting about it. Some people these days just do not have the civility to admit to their own mistakes and own up to the responsibilities that they have. I am sure that if the opposite thing happened to this woman, she would have a much different view on the situation. I just hope, in some evil way, that she experiences the same kind of accident, then the same coarse behavior from another person -- and I am sure that it will happen because what goes around comes around.

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