Tweaked Ads Again

september 26, 2005

Ok, I am tweaking the ad layout again. Originally, I had no ads running if you were navigating within the site. I changed my mind and tried running ads all the time (between content and comments). That was a bit annoying because I saw the ads. Also, when someone clicked "Comments" from the front page, they were sent to the Comments anchor on the comments page -- putting the ad out of sight. I checked the stats and although the between-the-comments ad did well, I want to change things around. I couldn't track if the clicks came from people who visited from a search or from internal travels. My guess: People who visited from a search. Previously, it worked like this:

  1. Leaderboard between top title and content if you arrived from Google or Yahoo! searches.
  2. Leaderboard between content and comments -- always.
Here's how it'll look and work now:
  1. Square ad inside of content if you arrive from Google or Yahoo! searches.
  2. Leaderboard between content and comments if and only if you arrive from anywhere outside of, Google search, or Yahoo! search.
So, the biggest change is that I am putting a square ad inside of the content. It'll sometimes make the layout of my shorter posts messy, but they aren't that common. I have read that the square ads inside of content get better click rates. Also, the nice thing about those ads are that most of the ad titles will be shown. With the leaderboard ads, they often tried to cram four ads into one leaderboard. That cramming results in titles like "Revenge..." or "Nano..." which is useless! I made the leaderboard between the content and comments show up only if you come from anything but, or That way the square and leaderboard ads should not show up at the same time -- usually the content in both ads are the same and it looks weird. Anyhoo, feel free to visit the site directly and surf ad-free.

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