My Index Is Bigger Than Yours...Err...

september 27, 2005

Hmm...It seemed like just yesterday when Yahoo! Search announced that their search index was three times larger than Google's. So, what happens when your rival has you beat? You remove your number from your page. Maybe it's some ingenious social "algorithm" or something, but Google's solution for when they get beat by the numbers is to: Remove the numbers. See? See how it works? If there is no number to compare to, then the other person can't win! It's just like how they handled the CNet deal. If you don't talk with CNet, they will just go away. Instead of doing numbers, they take the number off their frontpage. Then they release a statement saying that, yes, their index is larger now by three times before! Oh, and if you don't believe us, come try out a search of 1,000 terms and compare it with the competitors. So, their brilliant plan is to unpublish their index number, then send people over to the competitors to try out their warez. Brilliant, simply brilliant. I guess that's the kind of stuff that comes out of having 20% of your time dedicated to "thinking". Take Google's advice: Go elsewhere and do your searches. Whether it be Yahoo!, Ask, MSN, whatever.

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