Airport Extreme Base Station Firmware 5.6

october 10, 2005

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to upgrade your Airport Extreme Base Station to firmware 5.6. Man, it was nothing but trouble for me. The AEBS would work for a day or so, then it would refuse to let any wireless clients on. This happened for a week before I figured out what was wrong. At first, I thought it was the external 5dbi antenna that I added. But, after removing that, the freeze ups continued. I finally found postings about the firmware and the problems others have experienced. The 5.6 firmware will experience the lockouts that I experienced, plus on some DSL setups, PPPoE will refuse to connect. Here is the good news though: You can downgrade AEBS firmware. Get the much more stable AEBS 5.5.1 firmware from Apple HERE. Looks like 5.6 slipped passed Apple QA and got into the wild too quickly!

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