october 18, 2005

I picked up Batman Begins (two-disc edition) today and just finished watching the film again. I must say, it is one of the best superhero films around -- better than the Spider-man films? In my books yes, but I am biased -- Batman has always been my hero because he is an ordinary guy who does extraordinary things, all without the super-powers that other comic book heros have. The transfer -- both sound and video -- on the DVD is excellent. I haven't explored the extras on the second disc yet though, I look forward to doing so. If you have a choice and a few extra dollars, I'd recommend picking up the two-disc edition of Batman Begins. The single disc version only has the film. The two-disc version has the film, lots of extras, and a collector's edition comic book -- nice touch. Here's how I see the Batman films (by directors):

One thing is for sure, Danny Elfman's score for Batman was the best one (Elfman did the scores for the Spider-man films also). I hope that Nolan does another Batman film and does it as well as he did Batman Begins.

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