All Your Base Belong To Us!

october 25, 2005

All you base belong to us! At least that's what Google is going to be saying to auction house Ebay when they release Google Base -- Google's classified ads project. Google also confirmed that it is working on an online payment system -- which it says will not compete with PayPal, but come on, who is going to believe that? So, as Google starts to expand into different areas, how are people going to react to this? I know Google brings in a lot of traffic for my site -- and that in turn helps me with the amount of money I earn through Yahoo! Publisher Network. Would I cut off the googlebot from indexing my site? Nah. I have tried before and I saw a big drop in numbers. What would be interesting to see is if the "do no evil" philosophy of Google stands when they really convert to being a portal -- and as much as some people doubt it, it is going to be inevitable that Google will become a portal. Will Google's indexing algorithms be changed so that their stuff will show up first (or is it already happening)? Will dot-com's who advertise with Google pull their ads because Google is now stepping into their territory? All of this will probably not happen as long as Google continues to excel at what they do best: Search. But, this is the Internet and switching from one site to another is just a mouse click away. I have completely switched my search activities from Google to Yahoo! now -- myweb2 is a facinating tool and I have found the search results from Yahoo! Search are on par with Google. We'll have to keep watching to see what happens.

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