PSP Headset, SOCOM and VoIP...

october 29, 2005

Gizmodo has an article speculating on the imminent release of headsets for PSPs -- which they think will coincide with the November 8th launch of the PSP version of SOCOM. I am not that much interested in the fact that SOCOM is coming out (I like the game, but not that much). What I am interested in is the fact that Sony maybe coming out with a headset that works with the PSP. Think about the VoIP opportunity that Sony has with this release. Sony has a consumer handheld that has a full TCP/IP stack, browser, and headset capabilities -- and will have, as they estimate 14 million unit sold by March 2006. A partnership between Sony and Skype would have been awesome. Think about it, a portable version of Skype running on a PSP. That would be a dream for VoIP users around the world, it would certainly add more functionality to the PSP and introduce more people to the benefits of VoIP. Sony has so many options when it comes to this, it could make a deal with a messenger to have interoperability -- say, making a deal with Yahoo! to integrate Yahoo! Messenger with Voice into the PSP firmware. Maybe Sony will engineer their own VoIP into the PSP, but the problem there maybe install base. With a smart partnership, Sony will be able to gain users and evne more exposure for the PSP. People on PSPs happily VoIP'ing with Yahoo! Messenger or Skype users, that would be pretty damned cool. I hope Sony has such plans for the PSP when the headset is released.

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