november 8, 2005

I was a little bored. I couldn't think of anything to write about, so I picked up my camera and shot a few pictures. Only three four of them turned out ok and you can find them here. I did a lot of processing through Photoshop, but ended up turning them into black and white photos and cranking up the contrast. I am getting a feeling that I like this whole black/white/contrast thing. I have been for a while now, check out some old pictures that I took: Skyhawk and Avenger. Not sure why, but the high contrast stuff just looks so different and alive to me. The photo above is a standard photo for me, just an isometric photo of one of my electronic toys. But, by adjusting the contrast so high, a whole new texture comes out from the photo. In another version of this photo, it even brought out my finger prints on the phone. I just love how it looks. Enjoy the photos, let me know what you think.

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