Yahoo! Year-End Party

december 4, 2005

This is the first ever Yahoo! year-end party that I have gone to (and if you're wondering why, it is because I only joined the company in June!) The party was fantastic! There were like six buffet bars, a sushi bar, a oyster bar, and a few alcohol bars also! There was gambling (fake money for raffle tickets), games, dancing, and live music. Oh, did I say live music? Earth, Wind and Fire was the headline performance at the party! They were fantastic. I brought my wife with me and the atmosphere of the party was, for the lack of better words: A prom. Everyone was dressed up and there were even photographers there taking "prom" photos. Eileen and I were quite amused by the fun atmosphere at the party. This is the first ever company party that I have gone to. Sony never had anything like this while I was there. There was an auction for a few high priced items, all the proceeds went to the Yahoo! Employee Foundation which "is a grassroots philanthropic organization that brings together the talents, time and financial resources of Yahoo! employees to serve the needs of communities around the globe." I could not believe the large amounts of money that were bid for the items! Wow! A few weeks ago, I asked JR what the party was like (since he's been with Yahoo! for a while longer than myself). He described it quite simply as: Loud, louder and really loud. And true to JR's words, the party was loud, then it grew louder, then it was quite deafening as Earth, Wind and Fire started to play. Eileen and I had a fantastic time at the party, I look forward to next year's party! By the way, Eileen really enjoyed the oyster bar.

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