Impeach Bush

december 21, 2005

I thought I'd have to suffer through four more years of this Bush guy in office. Well, maybe I won't. His illegal doings in office are enough to get him impeached. The worst of his evil illegal doings is the current wiretapping of Americans. He says he is doing it to fight "terrorism". That seems to be the theme for all his questionable and illegal actions. Why invade Iraq without any proof of WMDs? Terrorism. Why hold people without charging them and without giving them a lawyer? Terrorism. Oh, how about them secret prisions? Terrorism. You know what? The president is a terrorist to the Constitution of the United States. He threatens to ruin this country by ignoring all that makes the United States of America good: Freedom and Liberty. I am tired of those Bush supporters easily giving up their freedoms and liberties to the president because he pulls this "terrorism" crap out of his hat. Bush cannot protect democracy by destroying it. This has got to stop and Bush just may have given us the chance to stop him. Earlier he admitted that he wired tapped and intercepted emails of American citizens without any warrant. This is against American laws (hello! Checks and Balances, US Politics 101). Wired is running a great article on Bush's illegal doings. And the best part of all of this? Bush says he'll continue to do these illegal things. Why? Yea, you got it, "terrorism". Bullshit. The man is acting like he is a dictator (can he say, "Saddam Hussein"?) -- he believes that he is above the law, and he is not. If anyone in this country has to follow the law of the land, it is the President of the United States of America. He reflects the values and beliefs of this country to the rest of the world -- and Bush is making the USA look pretty frigging bad right now. There are scholars who are coming out and saying that not only did Bush commit an impeachable crime -- he also admitted to it. So, what does the President do? He demands an investigation! Yes, an investigation into how it got leaked. Of course, because a crime is not a crime unless you get caught for it; and now Bush wants to find out who leaked it and spoiled his illegal party. The president is a public servant, not a dictator. He has to listen to us. So, listen to this Mr. Bush: You are a criminal, you have admitted to it. Step down. A third of Americans want you impeached, I am sure now the numbers will be going higher.

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