Black iPod nano

january 1, 2006

Ok, so for Christmas my parents gave me a nice gift certificate to Fry's Electronics. I walked around and around but couldn't find anything to get (yea, I know...) I finally picked up a Canon A410 digital camera (3.2 megapixel). It was an OK camera. But alas, after using it to take New Years Eve pictures, my wife and I decided that it wasn't a great camera -- there were some annoyances, the biggest being that the flash took SO LONG to recharge. So, today, it went back to Fry's and I got to indulge on...a black iPod nano 2GB and a Contour Design iSee-nano case. I know, I said I wouldn't get one, but I was a tad jealous that my sister got a nice black iPod nano 4GB from her husband, so I just had to add one to my iPod collection. Right now it is finishing charging, I already took a listen though -- it doesn't sound as great as the shuffle, but it is a touch better than my 3G 40GB, especially with the EQ set to Rock. The best thing about the nano is the gorgeous screen. Wow! I have yet to load pictures onto it, but I will soon. Check out pictures at Flickr.

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