More Wordpress 2.0 Thoughts

january 2, 2006

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So, I am playing around with Wordpress 2.0 more and have found both good and bad things about it. The good thing is that it is definitely more writer friendly. I really like the editor that is in it now, it makes posting a lot easier and I don't have to do as much HTML by hand now -- but if I ever wanted to tweak, I can use the handy HTML window to do it. So far, most of the plugins that I had before work fine with Wordpress 2.0. Though, some are just plain borked. Spam Karma 2 doesn't seem to want to work right now. The problem is that when someone comments, the comment count is not updated. I am guessing that there may have been some backend changes done to the database that affects Spam Karma 2. I hope that Spam Karma 2 gets updated for Wordpress 2.0 soon, I really liked the functionality of Spam Karma 2. I upgraded my Spam Karma to version 2.1 beta and it now works great! Akismet will probably stay on, though it has already "caught" one false-positive. We'll see how Akismet goes, but I am happy that Spam Karma works again! The cookie for the admin page is a bit finicky, it is working now, but for the longest time it was not working at all. I kept having to login in order to do things. I am not sure why it is working now, but I hope it continues to work. Posting is as they say: Much faster. It is especially much faster when there are pingbacks and trackbacks to be processed. I don't know what they did, but now I don't have to wait forever for a post to go through if it has a link in it. Anyways, that's it for now. The biggest thing for me is the flashy, yet very useful WYSIWYG editor. That is probably the best thing about the upgrade -- and the most noticeable since everything else kind of seems the same as the 1.5.x Wordpress line.

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