USPS Workers Sure Love Netflix

january 8, 2006

In Lyons, CO two postal workers (one employee of the USPS and the other a contractor) were found to have stolen over 500 movies mailed from Netflix. The two were caught by undercover police after Netflix complained that over 20% of the movies mailed to the Lyons area went missing. This has happened to me while I lived in Milpitas, CA. Over the course of three months or so, there were five or six movies that went MIA. They were always movies that were inbound, never outbound movies. After I got frustrated, I wrote a letter to the local postmaster. Since the letter was sent in, all movies started coming to the house. I got a follow-up letter from the postmaster stating that I could fill out forms and whatnot -- I never did fill out the forms since it seems that whoever was poaching my movies had been told that they have been discovered. It is sad to see the integrity of people fall like this -- over some cheap silver disc with a movie on it. Some complain that it is because the bright red envelopes of the Netflix mailers attracts unnecessary attention, but that is not the cause. The cause are corrupt and unethical (and often plain stupid) behavior of people. A Netflix plan can be had for $10 a month, why steal the movies? I wonder what three years of probation for stealing movies feels like when compared to a $10 a month rental fee. Sad.

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