Ford Cutting Jobs

january 23, 2006

Ford has announced that they are cutting 30,000 jobs and shutting down 14 plants by 2012.  This is their answer for a $1.6 billion loss last year.  I feel bad for those hard working people who are about to lose their jobs because of stupid executive decisions. When gas prices were going up (and still are going up), Ford execs decided that building SUVs was the best idea.  What?  Where are those people living?  While quality, innovation, and design from Japan are excelling, all we get from Ford is the same crappy interiors for their new cars -- you know exactly what I mean, the unergonomic, cheap plastic and rubber interiors that plague most Fords (like the Mustang). There needed to be more than 30,000 jobs cut if you include the execs that need to be cut.  They made bad decisions, held onto shortsighted ideas, and let other automakers overrun them with new technology and innovations.  They sure as hell don't deserve to keep their jobs making a helluvalot more money than the people they are cutting.

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