Gah! Reuters, Get Your Facts Straight!

february 6, 2006

Reuters is running this story where it talks about Google integrating Google Talk with GMail. Nice idea. I like it. But, at the end of the story, the writer -- a Eric Auchard -- writes:

Yahoo, which has recently introduced upgrades to both its e-mail that critics say put it ahead of other free consumer e-mail services for the time being, does not yet offer a Web route for Yahoo instant messaging users to contact each other.
And then quotes a Yahoo! spokesperson by the name of Terrell Karlsten (whom I will have to find tomorrow and ask about their quote):
"We are always evaluating enhancements."
My guess is that the quote was taken completely out of context. Yahoo! does offer a web IM solution, but for some reason it is not featured prominently on the Messenger website. If you visit the Yahoo! Messenger website, look at the bottom and you'll find Launch Web Messenger. Or if you really want, launch a window and use this URL:
What I am guessing is that Terrell was responding to a question about whether or not Yahoo! is going to integrate Yahoo! Messenger into Yahoo! Mail -- hence the "enhancement" bit.  I don't think he was asked whether Yahoo! has a "Web route for Yahoo instant messaging users to contact each other".  Because there is a way!  Yikes, Auchard should do some better research (and Yahoo! should better publicize its web client).

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