RoundCube Mail

february 7, 2006

The lastest CVS snapshot of RoundCube Webmail is pretty impressive.  I have switched from using Squirrelmail over to RoundCube for my da-to-day webmail needs.  It doesn't mean that I won't use Squirrelmail anymore, since I will still need to use it for search functionality.  RoundCube is still alpha, but Thomas Bruederli has said in his 20060205 CVS snapshot release email that the 20060205 CVS snapshot is pretty close to beta.  He is asking for help to implement search functionality for the beta release.  Anyone? I love the AJAX interface to RoundCube -- being able to drag messages around.  I love the clean, almost Mac-like, interface to RoundCube.  I like how RoundCube is not bloated like Squirrelmail.  I like how RoundCube acts more like a traditional email client, rather than some funky one created by PhDs (Gmail). I like how RoundCube loads much faster than the Yahoo! Mail beta.  I don't like not being able to search.  I don't like how in RoundCube, it seems to want to reload all the graphics with each action.  But, overall, it's a great piece of software.  Kudos to Thomas and team!

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