Woz on Intel and iPods

february 24, 2006

Wow, Woz came out with some strong words about Apple, Intel and the iPod.  Although he thinks that the move to Intel could benefit the Mac platform, he questions whether it was necessary or not.  And about the iPod, he thinks that it is distracting Apple from its core business:  Computers.  He recommends that the iPod division be spun off so that Apple can focus on computing. I don't agree with Woz on either point.  The iPod is as Apple as it gets nowadays.  I think the recognition of the iPod is a lot higher than the Mac platform -- which is sad, but true.  I think Apple should continue to hold onto the iPod, as the Mac platform rides on the coattails of the iPod now. The switch to Intel is puzzling, but it was necessary.  I doubt that the G5 would be ready for any portable platform anytime soon.  And although I don't believe Jobs when he says that the Intel chips are ten times faster than the current crop of chips, the Intel chips still yield a lot better performance. Woz has a good point though, he says that now that the Mac platform is on Intel, it will be hard to differentiate it from the Windows platform.  True, but is that a bad thing?  With people fed up with Windows, it maybe a great thing that the Mac OS has moved over to the Intel platform where (hopefully) because of standardized hardware, the prices of Macs can fall a little bit.

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