Russ and His Second Cease and Desist Letter

february 25, 2006

Well, looks like Russ got another Cease and Desist letter from some company. The company thinks that by hiring a bunch of lawyers and threatening to sue people will help maintain a good image for bad business behavior. All that company (I will not mention name, you can go to Russ' site to see who it is) is doing is creating a bad image for themselves: A company unwilling to take criticism in public or a company with a suspicious business who can't afford for people to talk about their business. Any good company will take public critism, that is what you get when you become a public company. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other large companies with integrity will take critism, and even brush some of it off as "that crazy guy with a blog". But, when it comes down to a company suing bloggers to shut them up, that is when I get suspicious of the company -- what are they trying to hide, are they shady? If the company is so great, then some critism should not hurt them, they should be getting positive postings also, right?  (Apparently, they are a bit shady.)  So, boo to that company that blackmailed Russ. I won't ever visit them or recommend them. On the other hand, that company needs to know that once something is on the internet, it'll stay there forever. They cannot possibly try to sue everyone. There are companies out there like Google with cached copies of everything, and Google has the cash behind them to fend off such blackmailing threats. So, I present to you a cached copy of Russ' original article. I am sure it is cached in a bunch of other places. To that company: You suck, you know it, it is out on the internet, and you can't stop it. The other thing that company needs to understand is that by blackballing a major blogger like Russ, they are only poking a twig into a hornets nest. Like me, there will be other bloggers that will blog about what happened to Russ -- and if you haven't already, I encourage you to. If what happened to Russ pisses off enough bloggers, it will spread like wildfire across the internet. Try suing everyone then. Sheesh.

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