Jeeves R.I.P.

february 27, 2006

Back in September 2005, the death of the Butler Jeeves was announced. But, he didn't really rollover in his grave until today. The new is out and there is no more Jeeves. Now, is YASE (Yet Another Search Engine). They have the new sidebar thing going on, but that is really not that new since Yahoo! Search and Google have the same thing as links on top of the search box. I think links above the search box is much better than the sidebar thing, for one reason: On a widescreen display, the sidebar is waaaaaaaaaay over on the right -- whereas the links always stay close to where I am focused on: the search box. On a side note, the wedding photographer (Richard Cash) that my wife and I used knows the artist who was doing the Jeeves drawings for  Richard was stunned by the news when I told him that Jeeves would be pushing up daisies soon (and was surprised he didn't hear it from his wife first, since she works for Anyways, it was good knowning you Jeeves!

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