Six Versions Better Than One?

february 27, 2006

What is Microsoft thinking? They will be releasing six versions of Windows Vista. Yes, you read that right. Six! Here's what it breaks down to: Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise, and Vista Starter. Man, Microsoft's gone mad. I remember when Apple was making Performas. Apple had one base Performa model, then they made tiny changes to that base model and spun out a gazillion different models. You had a cornucopia of slightly different Performa models on the market. And what did that do? It confused consumers. Do I get a Performa 400? Or maybe the 405 with a bigger hard drive? Or maybe the 410 with the 12" monitor? Or heck, what about the 430 with the 120MB hard drive? It looks like Microsoft is aiming to achieve the same dizzying affect with their six versions of Windows Vista? Vista Home Basic won't have yhe Aero, music, and media-center capabilities of Vista Home Premium. The other versions?  I won't even go into "details" about what differences between the others are. All I know is that six versions is too many. Consumers want easy. Consumers want simple. How many versions of desktop Mac OS X are there? One.  Simple.

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