Why? Oh, For The Love Of TV...

march 1, 2006

Why, producers of the awesome show 24, do you have to bring Kim Bauer back into the show?  Why?  The show survived just fine without her last season -- oh, hell, let me just say it as it is:  The show was great without Kim Bauer last season!  No stupid blonde doing stupid things.  No bad acting from Elisha Cuthbert.  No silly, melodramatic "love" plot involving her and whatever other breathing male there is on the show.  Kim Bauer is the worst character in the series.  The Kim Bauer character is only there as filler material.  And the producers and writers must be low on material if they have to bring her back.  Gah!  Lets not forget that Cuthbert is no thespian either, so the combination of a bad character acted out by a bad actor really drags the show down.  I hope the Kim character is not an integral part of this season.  I have said it before, and I will say it again:  Kim Bauer must die.  The mountain lion from season two should have eaten Kim Bauer.

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