Star Wars TV Show

march 9, 2006

There are rumors of George Lucas wanting to produce a Star Wars TV show. I say, awesome, as long as George doesn't get to write a single line of dialogue. There are already 100 hours of show planned and it is all set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The article alludes to Battlestar Galactica and Lost being hit shows that are in the sci-fi arena -- and if they can do it, so can Star Wars, right?  Yes, it can, but not if it is not mired in the badly written political crap that the prequels got ruined by.  If the show is done right, without being pretentious like the prequels, then it will be a hit on TV.  If the TV show can have innocent fun adventures like A New Hope; or genuine emotion and fun of The Empire Strikes Back, I can see myself tuning in.

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