Tom Cruise Visits Yahoo!

march 21, 2006

Tom and Katie

Tom Cruise flew into the Silicon Valley (in his P51 Mustang) and came to visit Yahoo! today. My co-worker Joe and I waited in line since 8:30a to see Tom. I am not that big of a fan of Tom Cruise, but came to see what he is like in person. I must say, after seeing him speak in person, I kind of like the guy a lot more than I did before. There are specific movies where I like him and others that I can't stand -- some of his good movies are Collateral, Minority Report, Mission Impossible, Mission Impossible 2, and of course Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise is very down-to-earth. He seems goofy at times and he even did the couch thing when he was here. He brought along Katie Holmes who was very pregnant. Terry Semel interviewed Tom Cruise and there were some interesting questions (and answers). There was some promotion about his upcoming movie Mission Impossible 3. Tom Cruise was about an hour late because he flew to San Jose Internation Airport in his P51 and the weather was really bad. He apologized profusely for being late and seemed like a genuinely humble guy in person. Anyways, I am glad I got up early to attend the event, it was quite cool to see Tom Cruise in person. Here are some (bad) pictures that I took on my Nokia 6682.

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