Patience Is A Virtue

may 6, 2006

Yesterday night, I got an email letting me know that someone will be looking into my DSL upgrade problems. I was working a few minutes ago and my line went dead. I figured that AT&T was looking into my line at that point. Just when I started to see if my line was completely dead, I received a phone call from a nice tech, Amanda at AT&T to let me know that she had found a problem with my line and that it had been fixed. She asked me to log into the internet and try it out. I did a speed test on the DSL line while she was on the phone and everything was corrected! It took three days of waiting, but everything has been fixed. My DSL line is now 3Mbit/s down and 512kbit/s up. And with the move of the web serving stuff out of the house, all that bandwidth is mine, mine, and...mine! Amanda let me know that I am around 7000ft from the CO and that AT&T will be rolling out 8Mbit/s service soon and my house is ripe for that bandwidth if I wanted it. Thanks for the fix Amanda!

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