T-Mobile Store Recommends Ebay

june 4, 2006

Today, I chauffeured my wife out to San Francisco for her Optometric Conference. I was a bit bored at the actual conference because of all the optometric-babble. I now know how non-geeks feel when geeks start to talk in geek-babble ("Did you write that in PHP using a MySQL backend? The output is in XML. It's not so efficient, so I think I can redo it in AJAX.") Anyways, I took a stroll around the blocks near the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway. I found a Circuit City that was a joke. And I found a T-Mobile store (official one). When I walked in, I was the second customer inside. The customer that was already there was talking with no less than three customer service reps. Her question was how could she get a cheap phone that worked with her existing T-Mobile account. She wanted something nice like the RAZR or SLVR or PEBL -- sounds more like she wanted a fashion phone and not a cheap phone. The T-Mobile rep offered her a PEBL and RAZR, but she wasn't satisfied with the prices. Then the rep did something that made me scratch my head. She told the customer to try looking around on Ebay to find the phones that she wanted. There are a lot of "options" on Ebay. And the new SLVR is "really nice". Wow. What honesty!

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