WTF Is Wrong With People These Days?

july 6, 2006

This Mercedes Driver = Irresponsible Idiot
I was taught as a kid that if I fucked up, I had to fess up to it. No matter how big or bad my mistake, I was taught to take responsibility for my actions. Looking at how people are acting nowadays, I have to ask: What's wrong with people today? This afternoon, my wife and I took her cousins out to pizza and a movie. After we finished pizza, we were walking to our car when we heard a tremendous crunching sound. We turned to see a Mercedes that slammed into a Lexus while trying to park -- the Mercedes was going the wrong way down a lane and tried to park in a slot that was diagonally slotted for people going the correct way. When the Mercedes could not make the turn in, it slammed into the side of the Lexus. The Mercedes backed out and quickly parked in a different slot. We were all curious to see what the driver would do, so we stood and watched. The lady in the Mercedes took her time in the car after she saw that we witnessed the accident -- my guess is that she wanted to watch us leave first, run into the store and "pretend" that nothing had really happened. When we didn't leave, she got out of her car, dilly-dallied with her purse in the passenger seat and ran straight into the store. She did not leave a note for the Lexus driver, she did not bother to check out how much damage she did to the Lexus! She just went shopping like nothing happened! What!?! I left a note for the Lexus driver with my name and number, plus a description of what happened, the make, model and license of the Mercedes. I looked at the Lexus and it had some damage to the driver-side rear wheel-well. The Mercedes had a pretty banged up front bumper. The Mercedes also had two child seats inside -- oh, this lady is going to make a great mom for those kids. It really steamed me to see this kind of irresponsible behavior from someone. If you hit the fucking car, leave a note and fess up to what you have done! Hell, you even saw that people saw you do it. How can you pretend that you didn't hit the car? What the fuck is wrong with you? That Mercedes driver should be ashamed of themselves for their blatant irresponsible behavior. This kind of bad behavior breeds bad karma, and one day that bad karma will come back to kick that Mercedes driver square in the ass. Damned frigging loser.

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