Jeremy Does Google (Reader)

july 10, 2006

It looks like Jeremy is doing one of his "try a Google product for a week" things (I think his last one was Gmail). This time he is trying out Google Reader. He asks if we have tried it and what we think. I tried it when it launched and once or twice afterwards. I never got used to it. Like Gmail, its user-interface is too quirky -- as if designed by someone who deliberately wanted to make it different than anything else on the market. Yea, the AJAXification is nice and all, but it doesn't help me through my feeds quicker. So, anyways, for Jeremy: Yes, I tried. No, I didn't like because it was too weird. I have been using feed on feeds, installed on my server, to read feeds for a long while now. It isn't the prettiest thing around. It is not AJAXified. But, it works well and does exactly what I need.

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