New Super Mario Bros...Done!

july 13, 2006

I was laying around on this lazy Thursday morning (day off) playing the last level of New Super Mario Bros. and I actually finished it! The last castle is pretty difficult, but nevertheless very entertaining. The game is an awesome game and when I say I'm "done", I don't mean that I'm even close to finished with the game. The first run through the game was quick because I wanted to get to the end -- on the first run through, you can only save after beating the castles. After you have finished the game once, you can save anytime you want. So, now I am going to go back and explore the levels that I ran through (literally). I also have two levels that I didn't even get to (one hidden and one skipped). So, it'll be a while before I truly finish with the game. If you have a Nintendo DS and want to have some serious fun, New Super Mario Bros. is a darn good way of doing it. It is a pretty fun game with some good replay value. It is not overly hard, but not overly easy either. And multiplayer mode is awesome to boot! My wife is at the last castle also! She has become quite a gamer as of late. She's been playing on the blue DS and is having a blast with the game. She has vowed to finish the last castle tonight! She's such a great gamer now!

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