august 15, 2006

CentOS 4.3 Screenshot
Yea, I have been for the last few days. And it is sticking. I did run Ubuntu 6.06 LTS for a while. I gave it a good try. I unbranded it. I removed all the brown. I beefed it up. I even enjoyed apt/dep a lot. But, there is something...Just something that I can't put my finger on about Ubuntu...And that little something, I don't like. I can't quantify it. I have no doubts that it is as stable as CentOS. It even has better out-of-box hardware support and stuff. But, I just cannot get myself to like it. Everybody seems to love Ubuntu (almost). I can see why -- it is easy to install and easy to use. But, again, I cannot seem to bring myself to liking it enough to be my primary desktop OS on my PC notebook. Maybe it is the almost crazy cult-like following that has sprouted up behind the OS? Maybe it is just that Ubuntu is getting too much hype -- and at least for me, it is not truly living up to the hype. Whatever it is, as many times as I try it, I can't seem to keep using it. Are you an Ubuntu user? Why? Or have you tried Ubuntu and switched away? Why?

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