Rising Up From The Dark Ages...

september 14, 2006

So, today I went to search for something on the internet and found that my DSL connection was dead. Funny, it never goes dead. I reset everything and my Airport Extreme Base Station connected to the internet again. Great, things are working -- except for the fact that my network was flooded with traffic! The thing that I thought would never happen, happened. Someone was leeching off of my wireless network -- one of my neighbours for crying outloud had hacked my -- no laughing please -- 802.11b 128-bit WEP passkey and was, apparently using my bandwidth. Grr...Anyways, it was about time that my wireless network got upgraded anyways to something more recent and more secure. So, two VAIO notebooks got 802.11g cards with WPA enabled; one Powerbook got switched over to WPA and right now, I am redoing my Compaq notebook. The Windows boxes were easy to upgraded and get on the WPA secured network -- just slap in a 802.11g card, install drivers, set password and done. The Powerbook was even easier since I have my 802.11g Airport card inside. All I did was reset the security scheme and password. My CentOS 4.4 notebook is a whole other story. CentOS 4.4 (and RHEL4U4) don't have WPA support. Yea, it has a little bit of support, but it doesn't really -- especially for guys like me who use madwifi stuff. This blows. So, anyways, I backed up my home directory on the notebook and am installing Ubuntu 6.06LTS on it (again). I am pretty sure that Ubuntu 6.06 LTS with NetworkManager should be able to get me on my wireless network with WPA -- hopefully! We'll see, the install is still going right now. I guess I'll have to wait for CentOS 5 before I can get it back on my notebook as the primary OS.  I'm planning on getting it running as a guest OS in Ubuntu though.  On my desktop machine/storage server, I am still running CentOS 4.4. Oh, thanks to Fry's and Airlink 101, I was able to get a pretty nice Atheros-based 802.11g PC-Card for $10.

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